Habitat Sarnia/Lambton Key Ceremony

Habitat Sarnia/Lambton and County of Lambton representatives will be at 601 Elm Avenue, Sarnia on Thursday, October 24th at 11am. This key ceremony marks the completion of the whole home renovation that is earmarked for Ann LaForge and her granddaughter. Liegha. Anne recently completed her 500 volunteer Habitat hours with the help from good friends and is overwhelmed in a good way that she will soon be in a home ownership scenario, partnered with Habitat for Humanity Sarnia/Lambton. Anyone from the public is welcome to join in this special ceremony on Thursday, Oct 24th at 11am. 

David Waters, Habitat Sarnia/Lambton CEO: 

“We are delighted to be handing Ann the keys to 601 Elm Ave on Thursday: she has worked hard to bring this important goal for her family to fruition. These are the feel good moments that we strive to make happen for local families in our community. It is with the support of everyone in the Sarnia/Lambton area that ensures safe, decent and affordable housing is a real possibility to those that need it the most. The affordable housing shortage in Canada is at a critical level – Habitat Sarnia/Lambton will continue to be an active proponent for change, advancement and social change of mindset towards affordable housing here in our local community.”

Habitat Sarnia/Lambton has been changing lives of 56 local families/180 individuals since 1994 through building/renovating then selling them simple, decent homes for a $0-down, 0%-interest, Habitat held, geared-to-income mortgage. The Habitat Handyman program – in partnership with the County of Lambton – has served 220+ families providing affordable home improvements. Social enterprise Sarnia ReStore is #7 in Canada with net revenues paying 100% of operational and administrative expenses, ensuring 100% of donations received build more homes for more local families.

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